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Everything that you said would
happen is coming to fruition

It’s great to have the regular income coming in.
I’ve been getting some real time savings and in
December, we had our biggest month ever.

David Heatley

I flew from Spain to Sydney to attend James’
yearly Silver Circle gathering.

(Some of the Silver Circle experts (from left): Dan Dobos, Franziska Iseli-Hall, Taki Moore, Ezra Firestone, Justin Brooke, James Schramko, Mike Rhodes, Sam Cook, Cristo Hall, and yours truly.)

I came as a guest. I made the crazy gazillion hour flight because I was thinking of joining SC, and I wanted to meet some of the members…A week later I was a member. Joining ended up being a complete no brainier. An easy decision.

James has one badass group of entrepreneurs in his high-level mastermind. They’re smart as hell and hold nothing back.

Need ninja funnel help, copywriting, paid search insider info, or wanna know how to crush it on webinars or public speaking — there are SC members that have every base covered.

I’ve met no better “generalist” than James, which is a trait you want in a business coach.

I’ve struggled with accountability. Because, well … if I don’t finish something “on time” there’s typically no consequences.

That dynamic has completely changed now…

I have James to answer to. So shit just has to get done. I have to execute. And my business is better for it.

Entrepreneurs sometimes have a lonely existence building their business in isolation. Unless you’re a Google or Facebook, you’re largely on your own to figure shit out the hard way.

This is why masterminds for entrepreneurs is critical to their success. In fact I don’t know one successful entrepreneur who isn’t part of a high-level mastermind group.

I can’t tell you how comforting it is to know that James has my back. For that, Silver Circle is worth every dollar, and so much more.

One word of warning though…

If you don’t like being UNCOMFORTABLE, a buck gets ten this isn’t for you. Don’t join…

Because James WILL push you right out of your comfort-zone. That’s what he does so well. It’s his fiduciary responsibility as a mentor. And it’s the only way to progress your business like never before.

If you’re not happy with your current rate of progress. And you know operating outside of your comfort-zone is where you need to be…

Andre Chaperon
Author of

James has helped me transition our business from a small, private consulting firm, to a large multi-million dollar information publishing and training business, including helping ro grow our paid community to over 1000 members.

I turn to James as my trusted advisor, when I’m need of wise counsel – and I consider him my “truth-teller” because he always challenges my thinking and forces me to consider all angles before making any strategic decisions in my business.

Anyone who has the opportunity to work with James, I highly recommend you jump on that opportunity – before James decides to retire in favor of spending his days surfing.

Ryan Levesque