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Recapping The Recent FastWebFormula 4 Event

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Discussed in this podcast:

00:50 – Two guests are here to join me today

00:50 – Two guests are here to join me today
02:15 – Reflecting on the pre-event
06:02 – The first day of FastWebFormula 4
08:51 – Why should you create more?
12:54 – The E-commerce session
15:30 – Why Ezra had to leave his chair
18:00 – Implementing this great traffic technique
21:15 – Having that deep connection
25:01 – We can do less
26:54 – Conversions and testing
29:10 – Some unexpected stuff we got
37:51 – Who is the real winner
43:43 – Guess who’s coming back to the next event


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